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European individuals in Italy: details now available

For more information about chess for over-50s, please see our Seniors news and Seniors introduction pages.


There are no new listings this week but some entries have been modified.

New or updated tournament announcements are indicated, as usual, by ** at the start of the listing.

Note that the European Individual Senior Championships, to be played in Italy this autumn, will start about a week later than originally announced. This change has been known for quite some time but the German calendar still has the old dates. We don't know who edits that page now but, to use an old English phrase, they really "need to pull their socks up."

There is still time for overseas readers to arrange a visit to Ireland just before Easter for the Dublin International Festival including a 65+ and (unusually) a 40+ tournament alongside a short international open. All these are 7 rounds over 4 days. See below.

Tournament organisers, please send us your announcements in good time. We know that these pages are widely read but we don't have much time to research events.

Newly announced events are added to this page when we find out about them. Please inform us if you know of an international senior tournament that is not mentioned. In our calendar we include only those tournaments which are described as Open and FIDE-rated, and we omit events restricted to players from one country.

For tournaments run on FIDE Senior rules, you do not have to wait for your birthday; you are qualified from 1 January in the year in which you reach the qualifying age.

The qualifying years for the two FIDE age groups in 2023 are 1958 (for 65+ events) and 1973 (for 50+) but some German senior organisers have different rules. Note that the eligibility rules for German-language Senior events vary. It is usually 60+ for men and sometimes 50+ or 55+ for women.

Always check the particular details for any event that interests you.

The German Senior tournaments calendar can also be consulted. We check it every week. We also regularly search on and sometimes find a few events (mostly in Austria) which we add below if relevant.

Tournaments are usually removed from our listings once their start dates are reached, or soon afterwards.


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