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More reviews of Blackburne book

Reviews of Joseph Henry Blackburne: A Chess Biography appeared before Christmas on the ChessBase website, the Ken Whyld Association members' site, and on Jeremy Silman's website.

Dutch newspaper Nederlands Dagblad called it "a monument in the history of chess-books." John Elburg called the book a "massive undertaking... a gift to every chess player who is interested in exciting chess."

John Donaldson said on Silman's website:

"More than a large collection of Blackburne's games (many with annotations). Working pretty much from scratch Harding has gathered a considerable amount of biographical information which he has put into its historical context."

"Anyone with an interest in Blackburne or chess in the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century will love this book. Highly recommended."

Guy Van Habberney writes on the KWA website:

"Unquestionably this biography is the most beautiful, the most comprehensive and the most reliable work on Blackburne so far, hence it belongs on the shelves of each chess friend who is interested in the chess greats of the old times."

Here are some quotes from the on ChessBase review by André Schulz (the third review featured in that article):

"Tim Harding tells Blackburne's chess life with a great love for detail and many references to contemporary sources... Harding's biography is a breathtaking and carefully researched masterpiece, full of information about one of the great English players. It is also a portrait of the old Europe that vanished in the upheavals of WWI."

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Images from the reviews in The Spectator, The Times and Sunday Times.

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