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UltraCorr 2024 - getting ready for release

The 2023 edition of our UltraCorr correspondence chess database, edited by a CC master and historian, was released in mid-January 2023, but withdrawn from sale last August.

Its replacement, UltraCorr2024, will have over two and a half million games and we hope to have it ready in about another week.

Work on historical games for the 2024 edition was going on all last year while we collect new games as they become available. Intensive work on the new edition is usually done in December and early January with the intention of releasing the new edition mid-January but there are no guarantees.

If all goes well, the 2024 edition will be ready by mid-month.

If you bought the 2023 edition you will be contacted with an offer in January. If you bought in 2022 or 2021 but not in 2023, we may offer you a smaller discount.

Otherwise if you wish to be put on the mailing list please email us.

More information will be posted here in a few days time.