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Links to other Zukertort pages


Overview of Zukertort's life (Tim Harding, 2000)

Zukertort's 1879 visit to Ireland (Tim Harding, 2008/9/10)

The London 1883 tournament (from the tournament book)

PGN file of selected Zukertort games.



Rosenthal-Zukertort match of 1880, researched by Nick Pope

Blackburne-Zukertort match London 1881, by Nick Pope

Steinitz-Zukertort World Championship match by Mark Weeks; basically his site is about championship matches not Zukertort.
Game-by-game results of their 1872 match (no moves or text)

A Trap for the Historian by Tomasz Lissowski, at Chess Archaeology. Lissowski is co-author with Cezary W. Domanski of the biography Der Großmeister aus Lublin, Wahrheit und Legende über Johannes Hermann Zukertort [The Grandmaster from Lublin, reality and legend concerning J. H. Zukertort], (Berlin 2005).