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Tim's articles at Worldchess

The year-long series of articles by Tim Harding about the history of the World Chess Championships was completed last year, but he has also written some topical articles for the website. His latest article is: History of the Wijk aan Zee tournaments

Tim is now taking a break from writing for Worldchess in order to complete a book for McFarland but he will be back writing for that website in the summer.

To make it easier to find Tim's older historical and topical articles at the site, we provide an index here, to the permanent URLs for each article.

World Championship history part 1: Origin of the World Chess Championship

Part 2: From Steinitz to Lasker

Topical article: World Senior Championships 2015

Topical article: Hastings, the world's oldest annual chess congress

World Championship part 3: Capablanca to Alekhine

World Championship part 4: FIDE takes control, 1946-48

World Championship part 5, The Botvinnik era, 1951-1963

World Championship part 6, Spassky v Petrosian (1966 & 1969) and Fischer v Spassky (1972).

World Championship part 7, Fischer's loss of the title and the Karpov v Korchnoi matches (1978 and 1981).

World Championship part 8, Karpov v Kasparov

World Championship part 9, the split in the title.

World Championship part 10, the years of rival champions.

World Championship part 11, from Kasparov's retirement to the Toiletgate match.

World Championship part 12, Anand's matches with Kramnik and Topalov.

World Championship part 13, Anand's matches with Carlsen.

The final articles on Anand's matches were published in October 2016 and brought the story up to date before the Carlsen-Karjakin match last November.


History of Candidates tournaments, part 1, 1950-1971

History of Candidates tournaments, part 2, 1974-1994

Candidates (final part): Disappearance and Rebirth

Women’s World Championship history


History of the Chess Olympiads (part 1)

History of the Chess Olympiads (part 2)

"World Senior (Individual) Championships 2016

World Rapid and Blitz Championships (December 2016)