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What's New Here

8 December: Added more European and English 2019 tournaments to our Seniors calendar.

4 December: Report from the World Senior Chess Championships held in Bled last month. We have also fully updated our other senior pages, but most old content has now been removed.

4 December: Two missing Blackburne tournament games discovered.

1 December: Quick update to Seniors news and calendar pages.

1 December and 14 November: Updated Irish news

4 November: Progress report on our researches into Steinitz's twenty years in England.

13 November: The 2018 World Senior Championships are being held this month in Bled, Slovenia. We shall report in early December after our return.

13 November: J. H. Blackburne had another brother who died in infancy. A more detailed report will follow next month when we have a copy of his birth certificate.

19 October: Updated Seniors news and calendar pages. 2020 World Senior Championships will be held in Assisi.

11 October: Updated Irish news and Seniors pages.

11 October: Updated Tim's homepage and Work in progress.

1 September: Updated Senior pages and Irish news. FM Philip Short has died.

1 September: Updated pages about the late Mark Dvoretsky's books as the first of twp posthumpus titles is published.

14 August: Posted link to a detailed new review of Tim Harding's book British Chess Literature to 1914 which has now reprinted with corrections.

13 August: Updated Irish news.

13 & 9 August: Updated both Senior News and Senior Calendar. Including results of the European Seniors Championships which finished in Norway on Sunday.

9 August: Updated Work In Progress with more information about our ongoing Steinitz research.

9 August: The Irish Championship currently in progress is the strongest ever.

19 July: Report (now removed fromn this site) about the World Senior Team Championships in Germany.

18 July: Seniors pages and Irish news updated.

1 July: Reviews of Tim Harding's book British Chess Literature to 1914.

7 June: Our seniors news page updated. Short and Nunn are out of the English 50+ team. The seniors calendar page now has a link to the website for the World Senior Individual Championships in November.

14 May: Our seniors news page updated with information on events in Germany.

10 May: Updated all seniors pages, adding a photograph of the late GM Evgeni Vasiukov.

Some changes and new content for this website are planned. Please be patient and return in June.

4 May: Seniors news updated.

1 May: John Elburg posts a review of Tim's new book.

29 April: Chief results in the main Irish leagues this season.

27 April: Updated Irish chess news.

27 & 24 April: Senior calendar and other pages updated again.

22 April: Updated Seniors news with the results of the European Team Championships which ended today.

Many pages now have a slightly different look (or soon will have) as the result of updating our templates.

20 April: Tim Harding's new book British Chess Literature to 1914 is now published. We received our copies today. More information will be posted in the next week.

20 April: Updated Tim's work in progress page.

16 April (previously 3 April) 2018: Updated Irish news, with the latest title norm achievements and announcing our teams for the World Senior Championships in July.

16 April 2018: Updated our Seniors news and calendar pages.

28 March 2018: Tim Harding's new book British Chess Literature to 1914 went to press today!

28 March 2018: Fantastic performance by young Irish brother and sister in the European Championships.

25 March 2018: Update about British Chess Literature to 1914. Added a page with the Table of Contents and additional background notes.

16 March 2018: Dr. Vlastimil Fiala has reviewed Joseph Henry Blackburne for his Quarterly For Chess History journal.

16 March 2018: Updated Irish news and restored page for the Irish Correspondence Chess Association.

16 March 2018: Updated our pages about upcoming Senior OTB tournaments.

12 February 2018: Updated info about Tim's work in progress

9 February 2018: First page proofs arrive from McFarland for Tim Harding's new book about British chess literature.

31 January 2018: Updated our Seniors pages and senior event calendar again. (Previously on 13 January.)

27 January 2018: The death occurred of Max Zavanelli, a leading figure in ICCF and American correspondence chess for decades, and a major supporter of Chess Mail in the years when we published our printed magazine. Max had been battling cancer for a long time. The ICCF website has an obituary. Along with George Pyrich and Carlos Flores Gutierrez (see below), who both died just before Christmas, Max was a major figure in guiding the transition of ICCF from the postal to the internet era.

13 & 31 January 2018: Updated our Irish news page.

13 January 2018: Updated Dr Tim Harding's homepage and the site homepage.

13 January 2018: Made numerous minor corrections to our pages about 7-man endgames. There is a wealth of chess here for anyone who has not yet studied these endings.

24 December 2017: Sad news of the death of an old friend, CC-IM George Pyrich (1951-2017), the Financial Director of ICCF (pictured right). We met George at numerous ICCF Congresses between 1994 and 2015 and always enjoyed his company. Latterly he lived in Spain but he was a native of Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. His death is a sad loss to the correspondence chess community worldwide. The ICCF website carries an obituary by Scottish CC Association President, Iain Mackintosh, and also an obituary by Alan Borwell of Carlos Flores Gutierrez, another old friend and major figure of his generation in CC. See also our Hans Berliner obituary.

7 December 2017: Information about the Marienbad congress (January 2018) added to our Seniors calendar.

7 December 2017: Also updated my personal home page.

5 December 2017: Updated our links page including how to contact the Social Correspondence Chess Association. Please inform us of any broken or new links.

5 December 2017: Updates on the progress of Tim Harding's next book and work in progress.

26 November 2017: Major upgrade to the Seniors section of our website, including a report on the 2017 World Senior Championships (no longer on this site).

26 November 2017: Irish chess news updated.

24 November 2017: Updated our Seniors tournament calendar.

6-19 November 2017: Away for the FIDE Senior World Championships at Acqui Terme, Italy.

24 October 2017: Updated Blackburne book information, with the recently rediscovered finish to the game Blackburne-Jacobs from the 1904 British Championship. (Thanks to John Saunders.) Also Blackburne's last published game, from his final visit to Glasgow.

24 October 2017: Updated our information about Senior tournaments and our Senior calendar. We hope to extend this section of the site after we return from next month's World Senior Championships in Italy.

25 September 2017: Irish chess news page updated. Irish Chess Union has announced a Seniors tournament for January 2018 which overseas players are welcome to enter.

23 September 2017: Additions and corrections to the Senior tournament information.

21 September 2017: New pages on Seniors Chess including a calendar of upcoming events. Please send in details of other events if you have them.

A major overhaul of this website, pending a redesign, began in August 2017. It included the removal of many old pages, and updating of others.

We apologise for the fact that this website was rarely updated earlier this year. This was due to our being extremely busy writing a new book (see below).

27 July 2017: Pages updated include:

    Announcing a new chess history book

    Irish chess news

    Tim Harding's bibliography

11 July 2017: Pages updated include:

    Further games by Blackburne discovered.

    Tim's future projects including a new book on the way.

    Update on Steinitz research.

    Tim's personal homepage.

20 January 2017: Obituary of Hans Berliner, the 5th ICCF World Champion.

11 January 2017: Various updates including adding a Blackburne game from 1914 British Championship.

5 October 2016: Introduction to Dvoretsky's chess books and an annotated Dvoretsky bibliography.

19 June 2016: More 7-man endgames analysed.

9 September 2015: Blackburne biography by Tim Harding is published and already attracted some favourable comment. Table of Contents. Further Blackburne material.

14 May 2014: Second part of Tim's research article about the important London 1883 Vizayanagram tournament that was played alongside the master tournament won by Zukertort. Part 1 has also been slightly revised.

14 April 2014: The great MacDonnell-Wisker 1874 match: more information added to article, also concerning their short match in 1873.

8 April 2014: Research article about the important London 1883 Vizayanagram tournament that was played alongside the master tournament won by Zukertort.

14 February 2014: Return of our popular chess horror story: Frankenstein and Dracula at the chessboard.

Many older articles are now in the process of being removed pending the reorganisation of this site.