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What's New Here

20 January 2017: Obituary of Hans Berliner, the 5th ICCF World Champion

11 January 2017: Various updates including adding a Blackburne game from 1914 British Championship.

11 January 2017: Worldchess page updated with links to Tim's latest article and most older ones.

8 December 2016: Home page updated. Some dead links removed.

7 October 2016: A chess-themed advertisement from 1900.

5 October 2016: Introduction to Dvoretsky's chess books and an annotated Dvoretsky bibliography.

26 September 2016: After a 3-month break (due to chess tournaments, a family wedding and other distractions) this website is being overhauled. Pages updated today include:

    Death of Mark Dvoretsky

    Tim Harding's articles at

    Tim's future writing projects

    Update on Blackburne research

    Irish news (including the 2016 ICU agm)

    Tim's personal homepage

19 June 2016: Overhauled our links page, adding some new links and deleting dead ones.

19 June 2016: Two more 7-man endgames analysed.

13 June 2016: Worldchess article about the five classic matches between Karpov and Kasparov.

6 June 2016: Grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi R.I.P.

30 May 2016: Worldchess article about the end of Fischer's tenure of the world title, and Karpov's matches with Korchnoi.

30 May 2016: Update to research article about British chess columns. Additions and corrections from readers are invited.

25 May 2016: Article on Steinitz's 1865 visit to Dublin expanded.

24 May 2016: Irish chess news updated: Ireland to send a team to the World Seniors Championships next month.

24 May 2016: New reviews of Blackburne book which is now available as a corrected reprint.

May 2016: Worldchess article about the three World Championship matches involving Boris Spassky against Tigran Petrosian (1966 and 1969) and against bobby Fischer (1972).

April 2016: Worldchess article about the Botvinnik era of trhe 1950s and early 1960s.

7 March 2016: Third and final part of Worldchess series about the history of Candidates tournaments.

29 February 2016: Worldchess article about the history of the Women's World Championship is posted.

28 February 2016: Part 2 of Worldchess series about the early history of Candidates tournaments. (One more part to come.)

23 February 2016: Part 1 of Worldchess article about the early history of Candidates tournaments.

13 February 2016: Four 7-man endgames from Wijk aan Zee and Gibraltar analysed.

12 February 2016: Blackburne book has been selling well and the publisher has sent it for a reprint.

11 February 2016: Our links page overhauled with several popular sites added.

8 February 2016: Worldchess publishes fourth article in Tim's series on World Championship history, focusing on the 1948N World Championship tournament.

8 February 2016: Minor updates to home page etc.

1 February 2016: Tim at Tradewise Gibraltar congress: interviewed by GM Simon Williams about Blackburne book (may still be online, about 100 minutes into the day's coverage).

8 January 2016: Latest reviews of Blackburne book.

8 January 2016: Three new 7-man endgames analysed.

8 January 2016: Index to Tim Harding's articles at the Worldchess website.

20 December: Normal service restored on ICU website.

18 December: Cybersquatter hacks Irish Chess Union website.

14 December: Christmas greeting added. Blackburne book information updated.

6 December: Two endgames from the World Senior Championships.

3 November: Blackburne reviews, links, Tim's homepage, and Irish chess news updated.

3 November: Two recent GM endgames analysed in our 7-man tablebase series.

2 November: Second article by Tim posted at the Worldchess website.

12 October: A monthly series of articles by Tim Harding begins at the new official World Chess Championships website. There are many other interesting articles to read there.

8 October: Two new articles in our endgame series.

8 October: Updates about Blackburne book.

28 September: Update to page about Zukertort in Dublin.

28 September: Removed Burma visit blog, pages about the book Copper Wire and the Our School Times chess column images from website (preparation for reorganisation).

27 September: Two very positive newspaper reviews of Blackburne biography.

9 September: The Blackburne book by Tim Harding is now published and already attracting some favourable comment. The hardback edition should be available through European retail outlets soon. Orders are also being taken by the publisher and on Amazon.

READ MORE: Table of Contents. Further Blackburne material.

9 September: Two more 7-man endgames analysed by Tim Harding and the Lomonosov tablebase.

9 September: Irish chess information updated.

9 September: Tim's personal homepage and his Bibliography have been updated.

Previously at Chess Mail:

21 August: Update on Blackburne book progress: notes on research for the book.

2 August: Four more 7-man endgames analysed with the help of the Lomonosov tablebase engine "Probe". The list page indexing them is now separate from the introduction page.

21 July: New 7-man endgames posted: a Nakamura queen ending, a classic Blackburne rook ending, and a tricky knight endgame from the junior international team events currently being played in Ireland.

The Blackburne book has now gone to the printer.

2 July: Returned corrected Blackburne page proofs to the publisher, McFarland.

10 June: Start of our new analysis series: Secrets of 7-man chess endings.

9 June: Our links page has been overhauled with new recommendations.

13 May: The May Kibitzer column reviews more books and looks at some endgames. (This was the last article.)

9 April: The April Kibitzer column reviews several books from Quality Chess and Russell Enterprises.

12 March: Updated Irish chess news, with an announcement about Irish correspondence chess organisation.

A selection of articles posted in 2014:

14 May: Second part of Tim's research article about the important London 1883 Vizayanagram tournament that was played alongside the master tournament won by Zukertort. Part 1 has also been slightly revised.

14 April: The great MacDonnell-Wisker 1874 match: more information added to article, also concerning their short match in 1873.

8 April: Research article about the important London 1883 Vizayanagram tournament that was played alongside the master tournament won by Zukertort. This is part 1; the second half will be posted in mid-May. This is instead of the Kibitzer series which is now scheduled to resume in June or July.

12 March: Updated article about Steinitz in Dublin 1865.

14 February: Frankenstein and Dracula at the chessboard.

Many older articles are now in the process of being removed pending the reorganisation of this site.