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Mark Dvoretsky R.I.P.

Mark DvoretskyThe sad news was announced on 26 September 2016, at the start of the Tal Memorial tournament in Moscow, that the great chess teacher, FIDE senior trainer Mark Dvoretsky, had just died. He was 68 years old.

After achieving the International Master title, Dvoretsky retired from active tournament play to concentrate on a career in coaching. He was probably the highest rated IM at the time, having achieved an ELo of 2540, certainly GM level.

Dvoretsky was the trainer of several leading Russian players, but he is best known as the author of numerous instructional chess books, including the famous Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual and the School of Chess Excellence four-volume series.

Some of his books were co-authored with GM Artur Yusupov, perhaps Dvoretsky's most famous pupil, who at one time was number 3 rated player in the world.

Most if not at all of Dvoretsky's books have been translated into English as well as other languages.

However, we have noticed that the information about his books that has appeared online since his death is often incomplete or inaccurate, so we have prepared an annotated bibliography.

Some readers may have seen the two series of instructional videos that Dvoretsky recently recorded with GM Jan Gustafsson for the chess24 website: one about endgames and one about calculation. Unfortunately the sound level and post-production work on some of these is sub-standard and we have asked Chess24 to try to re-edit them, and hope they will do this.