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Index to Kibitzer articles nos. 1-199

This wide-ranging series of articles by Tim Harding began in 1996 at the Chess Cafe website and ran until May 2015 when that website effectively closed down.

My index to more recent articles is available on another page.

Below is a table of links to the articles from August 2010 up to the end of 2012. Further down this page you will find a table linking to the earlier columns from the inception of the series to the 170th column.
171 Aug-10

Can the Ponzi fly again?

186 Nov-11 The double life of Adolphus Zytogorski
172 Sept-10 Ponziani Opening: other critical lines 187 Dec-11 Adolphus Zytogorski (part 2)
173 Oct-10 Farewell to Bent Larsen 188 Jan-12 Chess in the years 1862 and 1912
174 Nov-10 The Myth of Celtic Chess 189 Feb-12 A mixed bag of book reviews
175 Dec-10 Recommendations for winter reading 190 Mar-12 When two pieces beat a queen
176 Jan-11 A Century Ago: Chess in the Year 1911 191 Apr-12 Correspondence Chess at a Crossroads?
177 Feb-11 C. F. Smith, a forgotten Victorian expert 192 May-12 An Unusual Chess Congress in Norwich
178 Mar-11 New in Chess just got newer 193 June-12 Anatomy of a Match
179 Apr-11 Remembrance of endgames past 194 July-12 Plain Man's Guide to the Kieseritzky Gambit
180 May-11 Slaying the Spanish and other matters 195 Aug-12 More King's Gambits for the Plain Man
181 June-11 Endgames on the table 196 Sept-12 Further Plain King's Gambits: miscellaneous variations
182 July-11 Time to change your opening repertoire? 197 Oct-12 Digitised Chess Literature - Philanthropy or Piracy?
183 Aug-11 Computer chess: the state of the art 198 Nov-12 Misadventures in the Aviary: Bird and his opening
184 Sept-11 The earliest chess clubs 199 Dec-12 Misadventures in the Aviary II: Bird's Defence to the Spanish
185 Oct-11 A visit to Scheveningen 200+ 2013 COLUMNS IN 2013

Below is a linked table of the first 170 columns.

1 Jun-96 Frankenstein and Dracula at the Chessboard 86 July-03 Significant Games in the Sokolsky Opening
2 Jul-96 Noteboom Or Abrahams: Whose Variation Is It Anyway? 87 Aug-03 Who was Winawer?
3 Aug-96 The Two Worlds Of Correspondence Chess 88 Sept-03 Goodbye to the Friendly Orang-Utan
4 Sep-96 Time To Gamble On A Gambit 89 Oct-03 The Evans Gambit (Part 1): The Search for Truth in the Evans Gambit
5 Oct-96 Two Knights Defence, The Amazing Counter-Attack 90 Nov-03 The Evans Gambit (Part 2): Chigorin's Experiences with the Evans Gambit
6 Nov-96 The Lost Heroes Of Chess 91 Dec-03 How Much Longer Can Man Match the Computer?
7 Dec-96 Kilkenny Open 92 Jan-04 One Hundred Years Ago: Chess in the Year 1904
8 Jan-97 The Kibitzer Turns The Clock Back [to 1896-97] 93 Feb-04 Correspondence Chess at a Crossroads
9 Feb-97 Power Play In The Correspondence Chess Opening 94 Mar-04 Is There Such a Thing as "Chess Culture"?
10 Mar-97 The Kibitzer Goes To War 95 Apr-04 Was there a "Golden Age" of Correspondence Chess?
11 Apr-97 The Kibitzer And The Even More Complete Najdorf 96 May-04 Introduction to the Pierce Gambit
12 May-97 Chess Computers Aren't Really So Clever 97 June-04 Some Theory of the Pierce Gambit
13 Jun-97 Anyone for the Franco-Benoni? 98 July-04 Playing the "What If...?" Game
14 Jul-97 Winning By One Tempo: Clever or Not? 99 Aug-04 Berserkers and Logicians
15 Aug-97 We're Going On An Elephant Hunt 100 Sept-04 The changes I have seen
16 Sep-97 A Difficult Postal Game 101 Oct-04 It's all down in Black and White
17 Oct-97 Chess Games Belong To The World 102 Nov-04 The end of the 'Black and White' column
18 Nov-97 Bobby Fischer, 25 Years On 103 Dec-04 The Center Game takes Center Stage
19 Dec-97 How Stands the "Faj"? 104 Jan-05 The chess world in the year 1905
20 Jan-98 One Hundred Years Ago: Head-to-Head in Vienna 105 Feb-05 Chess Treasures at the British Library
21 Feb-98 Dracula has risen from the Grave - or has he? 106 Mar-05 Amos Burn revisited (a review of Richard Forster's book)
22 Mar-98 Putting Dracula back in his coffin 107 Apr-05 The Pierce Brothers and the 'English Mechanic'
23 Apr-98 Who is the real World Champion? 108 May-05 World Champions play correspondence chess
24 May-98 Has The Marshall Attack Been Refuted On The Internet? 109 Jun-05 Queens of Chess: not deadlier than the male?
25 Jun-98 Who Dunst It? 110 Jul-05 The first Ladies International of 1897 (part one: setting the scene & early rounds)
26 Jul-98 Who was the strongest Irish player of all time? 111 Aug-05

The Ladies International (part two)

27 Aug-98 What exactly is the Bishops Opening? 112 Sep-05 The house of the setting sun (New Orleans and chess)
28 Sep-98 The Eternal Appeal Of The Urusov Gambit 113 Oct-05 A tale of two conferences (ICCF & KWA)
29 Oct-98 Is The Urusov Gambit Sound? 114 Nov-05 Open games revisited: the Two Knights
30 Nov-98 He could have been a contender... [Hermans Matisons] 115 Dec-05 Two Knights Defence revisited: the 4 d4 lines
31 Dec-98 Bring Back Free Castling! 116 Jan-06 The chess world in the year 1906
32 Jan-99 100 Years Ago: The Return of Lasker 117 Feb-06 In the footsteps of Harold Murray
33 Feb-99 Some Openings Topics Revisited 118 Mar-06 The Italian Game revisited
34 Mar-99 The Openings at New York 1924, pt. 1 119 Apr-06 The Evans Gambit reloaded
35 Apr-99 NY 1924 Revisited: The Closed Openings 120 May-06 Sir George Thomas: the early years
36 May-99 Transpositions 121 Jun-06 The last homecoming of Mars
37 Jun-99 Have a hack with the Hennig-Schara 122 July-06 The poisoned pawn is looking tasty
38 Jul-99 Hennig-Schara Gambit Revisited 123 Aug-06 The first Oxford-Cambridge chess match
39 Aug-99 The Vampire Gambit: Can We Bury It Now? [Halasz Gambit] 124 Sept-06 Another blast from the postal past
40 Sep-99 Is Khalifman the real World Champion? 125 Oct-06 Early games of chess by telephone
41 Oct-99 A royal march to death or glory 126 Nov-06 Chess book heaven at the Royal Dutch Library
42 Nov-99 The Cold Heaven of Rook Endings 127 Dec-06 Some recent chess books reviewed
43 Dec-99 Thoughts on the Millennium 128 Jan-07

Chess in 1907

44 Jan-00 100 Years Ago: Chess events in 1900 129 Feb-07 New paths in the Spanish Marshall
45 Feb '00 New thoughts on Power Play in the Chess Opening 130 Mar-07 Snippets from chess history
46 Mar-00 Interesting Byways in the Classic Open Games 131 Apr-07 The poisoned pawn proved digestible
47 Apr-00 Remembrance of Chess Past 132 May-07 The world's greatest chess library
48 May-00 A History of The City of London Chess Magazine (Part 1) 133 Jun-07 Some thoughts about chess books
49 Jun-00 A History of The City of London Chess Magazine (Part 2) 134 July-07 Has the Morra Gambit been revived?
50 Jul-00 Forty Years A Kibitzer 135 Aug-07 The chess career of King Canute, or not?
51 Aug-00 A pot-pourri of d4 openings 136 Sept-07

The family life of GM Gunsberg

52 Sep-00 Remembering Cenek Kottnauer 137 Oct-07 The private world of the chess problem
53 Oct-00 It's One Small Step For A Pawn... 138 Nov-07 Mostly about chess books for Christmas
54 Nov-00 Playing the Budapest in Budapest 139 Dec-07 How many world champions have there been?
55 Dec-00 A Portion of Sugar Tart 140 Jan-08 Chess in the year 1908
56 Jan-01 One Hundred Years Ago: Chess in the Year 1901 141 Feb-08 Bobby Fischer R. I. P.
57 Feb '01 FIDE, the World Championship and the art of Boxing Promotion 142 Mar-08 Trials of a touring chess master: Zukertort in Dublin, 1879
58 Mar-01 Two Knights Defence: see the wood, not the trees 143 Apr-08 Informator’s first one hundred volumes
59 Apr-01 Two Knights Defence without Tears: Part 2 144 May-08 Tolstoy and his biographer at the chessboard
60 May-01 Two Knights Defence Part3: Berliner Variation Busted? 145 June-08 The Boden-Kieseritsky Gambit
61 June-01 Desert Island Chess Books 146 July-08 Untruths and mysteries about The Chess Player’s Chronicle
62 July-01 The London-Vienna Correspondence Match (pt 1) 147 Aug-08 Summer books and a new chess library
63 Aug-01 The London-Vienna Correspondence Match (pt 2) 148 Sept-08 New investigations in the Two Knights Defence
64 Sep-01 Swansong of the Giuoco Piano (part 1) 149 Oct-08 ‘What-ifs’ of chess; some new case studies
65 Oct-01 The Giuoco Piano (part 2): the case for the defence 150 Nov-08 World Title Shenanigans
66 Nov-01 Shakhmatny Bulletin: an old friend revisited 151 Dec-08 Kasparov's matches & other Christmas books
67 Dec-01 I have seen the future - and it works! 152 Jan-09 Turning the clock back: chess in 1909
68 Jan-02 One Hundred Years Ago: chess in 1902 153 Feb-09 Remembering Bob Wade
69 Feb-02 The Guioco Piano on Trial: The Summing-Up 154 Mar-09 Erik Larsson: A Lifetime in the Service of Correspondence Chess
70 Mar-02 The Guioco Piano on Trial: White wins the case! 155 Apr-09 New chess books for Spring
71 Apr-02 Is the Najdorf poisoned pawn edible? 156 May-09 Philidor in the newspapers
72 May-02 The not-so-fine art of game annotation 157 June-09 Philidor - the final years
73 June-02 A golden jubilee of British chess 158 July-09 Women and chess: the debate revisited
74 July-02 A glass of Scotch 159 Aug-09 The Cincinnati Commercial correspondence chess tournament, 1882-5.
75 Aug-02 A second dram of the Scotch Gambit 160 Sept-09 The databases are reloaded
76 Sept-02 Materialism in chess 161 Oct-09 John Littlewood, the man who lived tactics
77 Oct-02 Does chess have a future? 162 Nov-09 Books for the Darker Evenings
78 Nov-02 Not quite winning with the Allgaier Gambit 163 Dec-09 Judging Bobby Fischer
79 Dec-02 Last rites for the Allgaier Gambit? 164 Jan-10 100 Years Ago: Chess in 1910
80 Jan-03 One Hundred Years Ago: Chess in 1903 165 Feb-10 Masters & patzers in the biographical dictionaries
81 Feb-03 A Blast From The Postal Past 166 Mar-10 Playing the Morphy numbers game
82 Mar-03 Interview with a (Chess-playing) Vampire 167 Apr-10 Vasily Smyslov, the career of a world champion
83 Apr-03 Once more unto the Urusov, dear friends, once more... 168 May-10 The ratings game: meet Mr Fifty Percent
84 May-03 A Little Tutorial on PGN 169 June-10 Thoughts on the world championship
85 June-03 How Sokolsky Played the Sokolsky 170 July-10 Books for summer

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