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Index to Kibitzer articles in 2013-2015

Here is an index table to Tim Harding's most recent Kibitzer columns, which were formerly to be be found on the Chess Cafe website. Below is a list of the last published columns.

The index to older columns has been moved to a new page.

200 Jan-13 Looking back: chess in 1863 and 1913   Feb-June 2014 No columns were posted during these months.
201 Feb-13 Absolute correspondence chess 213 July-14 Which is the world's oldest chess league?
202 Mar-13 Going Dutch, or... How winning the Queen is not enough 214 Aug-14 Events on the Irish chess scene
203 Apr-13 The Hollis Enigma (obituary of CC-GM Adrian S. Hollis) 215 Sep-14 Watching master chess online
204 May-13 Toiletgate, Irish style 216 Oct-14 Brown Study: a question of Edwardian identity
205 June-13 Lothar Schmid, 1928-2013 217 Nov-14 Wading in the Baltic: a wild defence to 1 d4
206 July-13 London 1862, as it happened 218 Dec-14 Senior Moments
207 Aug-13 Chess Research resources: A Major Update 219 Jan-15 Chess in 1865 & 1915
208 Sept-13 A New Look at an Old Opening 220 Feb-15 Chinese heading for world domination
209 Oct-13 Handicap Tournaments of the 1870s 221 Mar-15 Bunratty Chess Festival
210 Nov-13 Jonathan Penrose, Postal Grandmaster 222 Apr-15 Chess Literature: a Question of Quality
211 Dec 13 Anand-Carlsen 2013 match 223 May-15 More books and endgame watching
212 Jan-14 Looking Back: Chess in 1864 and 1914   June 2015 Cessation of new content at The Chess Cafe.

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