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FIDE senior tournaments all going ahead despite Ukraine war

For more information about chess for over-50s, please see our Seniors calendar and our Seniors news page.


Russia's invasion of Ukraine cast doubt on whether this year's four FIDE senior championships will take place, two years after the program of events was severely disrupted by the Covid pandemic.

It now appears that all four championships will go ahead; for details see our news and calendar pages. The last to be announced was the European Individual Senior Championships which will now start in Lublin, Poland, in early July. The summer calendar of senior tournaments is quite crowded.

All FIDE senior events (and most others) are organised in two age categories, based on your age at 31 December in the year concerned. Many national and independent organisers (at least outside Germany) follow the same eligibility rules.

For tournaments played in 2022 the qualifying dates for the two FIDE age groups are 31 December 1972 (for the 50+ Open and Women's tournaments) and 31 December 1957 for the 65+ championships.

In other words, if you reach your 50th birthday any time this year, you are already eligible for 50+ events run on FIDE age rules, while if your 65th birthday was or will be not later than 31 December 2022 then you cna play 65+ tournaments (or indeed 50+ tournaments if you wish).

Some senior tournaments (especially in Austria and Germany) are still run on the 60+ age group rule (sometimes 45+ and 55+ for women).

Vladimir Okhotnik of France (originally from the Ukraine) has written a memoir entitled It Is Never Too Late To Become a Grandmaster, which is published in Belgium by Thinkers Publishing and you can find an extract on their website. Okhotnik has twice won the World Senior Championship.

Major senior competitions in 2022 begin with Marienbad, in January, gollowed by Bad Wörishofen, in March. See our news and calendar pages for details.

As the Delta variant of Covid-19 passed its peak in Europe, there were increasing hopes for more senior chess in 2022, especially as seniors have been vaccinated early in most countries, but the situation remains unclear and fluid because of the arrival ofmore transmissible variants in many countries. However, people who have received a third or booster vaccination, or who have official proof of recent recovery from the virus, should be able to avail of EU certificates permitting travel.

Some risk of cancellation or postponement still remains and many organisers are still waiting on events or changed national regulations.

Please see our senior news and calendar pages for the latest information.

We are watching the situation closely but this page may only be updated if there are significant changes. Our senior news and calendar pages are usually updated weekly.


So please check our Seniors news and Seniors calendar pages regularly for updates.