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Seniors news page

Entries close on 13 March for the European Senior Team Championships at Walbrzych, Poland. Entries are also open (until early May) for the World Senior Team Championships which will be heldd at Radebeul, near Dresden.

Sign-up and registration for the European Individual Senior Championships (3-13 August) has been delayed. The Norwegian chess federation now hope to open this on or soon after 1 March.

Outline dates and arrangements have also now been made about some of next year's FIDE Seniors events. See our calendar page.

Report, with photographs and games, about the 2017 FIDE Seniors World Championships in Italy.

Congratulations to the four new World Champions: Tamar Khmiadashvili (Women 65+), Elvira Berend (Women 50+), Evgeny Sveshnikov (Open 65+), and Julio Granda Zuniga (Open 50+).

Other Seniors Chess News

Moves are afoot to establish a FIDE Seniors Commission to improve conditions for 50+ and 65+ players in future FIDE competitions. Now a new website is being developed for this purpose; please read the statement there by former European Senior Champion, IM Jan Rooze.

Your editor, Tim Harding, was successful in the inaugural Irish 50+ and 65+ Championship tournament played from 3-7 January in Dublin. He finished joint third overall and won the 65+ title and prize with a score of 5/7. Both age groups played in the same 7-round FIDE-rated tournament.

The idea was well supported with almost 40 players over a wide range of ages; the oldest competitor was born in 1939.

The Irish Chess Union intends to repeat it next year. In the meantime it has announced tournaments for Seniors and semi-Seniors (40+) in two rating groups at Easter.

Bob Jones told us that his annual Royal Beacon Seniors tournaments were held earlier in November 2017 at Exmouth, Devon, England. Congratulations to the winners. First prize was won by Ivan Myall (Chelmsford), with 4.5/5. Joint second on 4/5 were Stephen Berry (Wimbledon), Mike Wiltshire (Dartford) and Bill Ingham (Teignmouth). The "Junior Seniors" was won by Steve Dilleigh (Horfield) with 4/5. Joint second on 3.5 were Alan Brown (Northampton), Mike Waddington (Dorchester) and Jonathan Wells (Norwich). Several players in both sections won prizes in the various rating categories.

The same venue has already been booked for this year's tournament which will be held from 5-9 November. (See the calendar page for contact details.)

If you have Seniors chess news you would like posted here, or announcements of future events, please email Tim Harding.


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