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Seniors chess news

Russian teams won both tournaments at the 2019 European Senior Team Championships at Mali Losinj, Croatia. Their 65+ team won every match while Sweden took silver on tie break from Germany. The 50+ competition was closer as the host nation's first team drew with Russia and both won all their other matches, so that only a tiebreak could separate them. The Slovenian team European Chess Academy Maribor took bronze.

FIDE have abolished the 70 Euro entry fee for its Seniors tournaments, starting with the 2019 World Senior Individual Championships in Bucharest next month. Anyone who already entered and paid the fee will have it refunded on arrival.

At the time of writing, there were 182 entries for the Open 65+ championship, including nine grandmasters. The 50+ Open has 130 entries but with 20 GMs it looks like the strongest ever. There are 19 entries for the Women's 50+ championship and 15 for the 65+ but some women have preferred to enter the open sections.

Please see our updated calendar for details of this and other future tournaments. We recently added the dates for many 2020 Seniors events.

It was rumoured last year in Bled that FIDE may reduce the length of the world individual championships to nine rounds but nothing has officially been said about it. This year's event will be 11 rounds again, with a rest day after round five (instead of round six in previous years).

The English Senior Championships were held in Solihull, Birmingham, from 4-7 April. Kevin Bowmer won the 65+ Championship with 5.5/6 in a field of 40 players and IM Paul Littlewood won the 50+ title with 5.5/6, a full point clear of the runner-up in a 24-player field.

The FIDE Congress has awarded the 2020 World Senior Individual Championships to Italy. This is a historic and attractive venue, which we understand greatly restored after devastating earthquakes in 1997. We are relieved not to be going back to Acqui Terme.

Information about senior tournaments in Germany can now be found at this German Chess Federation web page. Note that the age qualification rule for German Senior events is usually 60+ for men and 55+ for women, but they may be changing to the international age groups.

Other Seniors Chess News

Moves began in 2017 to establish a FIDE Seniors Commission to improve conditions for 50+ and 65+ players in future FIDE competitions. A website was developed for this purpose; please read the statement there by former European Senior Champion, IM Jan Rooze. So far as we awre aware there have been no recent developments.

If you have Seniors chess news you would like posted here, or announcements of future events, please email Tim Harding.


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