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Senior tournaments calendar: new dates for European Champs.

This page is a service we have been offering for 2-3 years but it may soon be redundant but there is some hope for tournaments scheduled for the autumn.

Our calendar, updated periodically, lists upcoming Senior tournaments of which we aware, with links where available.

Because of the Covid19 pandemic, you should not assume that any event listed below will actually go ahead, and some have already been cancelled. The English Senior Championships is postponed; no new date has yet been set.

The earliest event that may happen is the Bodensee festival at Bregenz, Austria, in the second half of May. At least it is not yet cancelled but there must be serious doubts about it.

The website of the Bregenz chess club currently says all their local events are cancelled until further notice but also that:
"Whether the Lake Constance Open will be cancelled in May depends on further developments."

The European Senior Individual Championships, originally scheduled for late April, have now been moved to the more realistic dates of 16 October (arrival day) to 26 October (departure day) and bookings already made have been transferred to those dates. The venue is unchanged. These tournaments had a strong entry, with GM John Nunn as top seed in the 65+ age group for which he is now eligible. There is a chance this event may happen.

Rather surprisingly, official regulations are now available for the World Individual Senior Championships, scheduled for November, because it is supposed to take place in Italy, the country in the world that is worst affected by Covid-19. Even should the pandemic end in good time, it is hard to believe that Italy will be capable of hosting it, though time will tell.

In previous years the closing date to enter without penalty has been two months but, more realistically this year, 15 October is the cut-off date.

We advise you to go to the German Senior tournaments calendar for information about tournaments listed there whose dates are given below. They are as yet not showing any cancellations for June onwards.

We include those tournaments which are described as Open, and are listed below, you will find links to further information on the German calendar. We do not include events which appear to be restricted to German players. A few German events listed below are not on that calendar, perhaps because they do not follow the standard German age-group rules.

We hope to add dates of other senior tournaments as they become available. Details of other continental Seniors (if they happen) will probably be listed later on the calendar of

If you know of further Senior tournaments, or cancellations, please inform us and we shall include them.

You do not have to wait for your birthday; you are qualified from 1 January in the year in which you reach the qualifying age. For tournaments this year, the qualifying dates for the two FIDE age groups are 31 December 1955 (for 65+) and 31 December 1970 (for 50+).

Tournaments in 2020