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Time to enter World Seniors championships at Assisi

For more information about chess for over-50s, please see our Seniors news and Seniors introduction pages.

The detailed regulations and invitation for the World individual senior championships (at Assisi in November) are now available and we have entered. Details and an entry form can now be found at the official website. Also the regulations can be downloaded from the link below in our calendar or from that site.

The organising company (arcoworldchess, in association with scaccomattisimo) is the same as for at the recent World Senior Team Championships. In response to a query, the organisers informed us that a list of entries will be made available on after 15 August.

In an email, they also informed us that "for organizational reasons, we would like to point out that the 3-star Casa Leonori hotel will not provide restaurant service, and all 3 meals will be consumed at the 4-star Cenacolo which is part of the same complex and is 30 meters away from the internal garden." The Open tournament will be played at the Leonori and the women's championships at the Cenacolo.

The venue, in the province of Umbria, was the home town of St Francis, where the Franciscan order of friars was founded in 1208. The town is now largely restored following two devastating earthquakes in the region in 1997 and is again one of the most-visited tourist venues in Italy.

Players have until 20 October to register, which is a month later than usual because the regulations were posted late, but the deadline for anyone who needs a visa to visit Italy is next week: 15 August. Some of the hotel accommodation is already sold out.

The Dresden Chess Festival team will host the European Senior Team Championships at the congress hall where the 2008 FIDE Olympiad was played. A link for the invitation to that event can also be found below.

Newly announced events are added to this page when we find out about them. Please inform us if you know of an international senior tournament that is not mentioned. In our calendar we include only those tournaments which are described as Open and FIDE-rated, and we do not include events restricted to players from one country.

The most striking thing we have noticed is that, probably due to Covid-19, senior tournaments are not announced for the early months of 2023. Only one of the four official FIDE championships for next year is definite as yet

Perhaps some senior events will be announced nearer the time. There are a few annual events that already booked their 2023 dates and there are even two 2024 events tentatively listed.

For tournaments, such as the British Championships, run on FIDE Senior rules, you do not have to wait for your birthday; you are qualified from 1 January in the year in which you reach the qualifying age.

The qualifying years for the two FIDE age groups in 2022 are 1957 (for 65+ events) and 1972 (for 50+) but some German senior organisers have different rules. Note that the eligibility rules for German-language Senior events vary. It is usually 60+ for men and sometimes 50+ or 55+ for women. Check the particular details for any event that interests you.

The German Senior tournaments calendar now includes tournaments which they list as privately organised (i.e., not by the German federation). As annual 2022 events are played, we usually find the dates for next year's event are released and some can be seen below. We also regularly search on and sometimes find a few events (mostly in Austria) which we add below if relevant.

Tournaments are usually removed from our listings once their start dates are reached, or soon after.

** A double asterisk in the list below indicates new or recently changed information. All tournaments listed well in advance are liable to change and of course there still remains some risk of cancellation due to Covid-19 (although no event has been cancelled this year so far as we are aware).