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World Senior Championships: photos

Acqui Terme, Italy, November 2017.

Photographs by Tim Harding

Above: this stone from the museum at Acqui Terme shows that the Romans played board games there two thousand years ago. LEFT: The Bollente hot spring in the centre of the town.

The photograph on the right shows the 2017 World Senior 65+ Champion, GM Evgeny Sveshnikov, dapper as always, before the start of one of his games during the 2017 World Senior Championships at Acqui Terme.

Eric Prie

ABOVE: Eugenio Torre.

LEFT: Eric Prié ...impressive performance.

ABOVE: Anatoly Vaisser versus Jan Rooze.
LEFT: Alexander Reprintsev, who won the second blitz tournament. In the championship he accidentally put his queen en prise when he dropped it.



DETHRONED: for the first time since the two age groups were introduced in 2014, legendary ex-World Champion Nona Gaprindashvili failed to win the 65+ Ladies world title. She had to be satisfied with the silver medal on tie-break. At least the Georgian national anthem still got played.


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