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Dr Tim Harding  
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  Tim's correspondence chess history

Tim's work in progress

Tim has been developing some new projects to follow the success of his Blackburne biography.

The first of these is a forthcoming book for McFarland, to be pubolished probably in mid-2018. The second will be a subsequent book for McFarland.

British Chess Literature to 1914: This book has now gone to design prior to typesetting. Read more here.

Steinitz in London: Research for a new biography of Steinitz's early career is in progress with a view to a book that will probably appear in 2019. It will cover Steinitz's chess career up to the point he first went to the USA (autumn 1882), including some newly-discovered games. There will be many corrections to many other games whose scores are incorrect in previous books and databases.

As a by-product Tim hopes to eventually make available a fully-sourced and corrected database of Steinitz's games up to that point in his career, including also other games played by Steinitz in England in later years (1883, and 1895-1899).

Meanwhile, available here are two articles about Steinitz's visits to Ireland in 1865 and in 1881.

Essays on Chess History : Another project is to produce (perhaps as an e-book or print-to-order) a collection of my essays in chess history, which in some cases would be extensively updated, with a few new essays included. There are still some sections of my PhD thesis and past conference papers which have never been published in book or article form, including a major study of early Irish chess clubs and a biographical study of Lord George William Lyttelton, who was President of the first British Chess Association. This book would also probably include a section on more recent chess history.

Further ideas include the possibility of publishing e-books of some of my older books of which I have retained electronic rights. By all means, email with preference suggestions to help me prioritise.