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Introducing our Chess History Research Zone

The Research Zone on this site was inaugurated in April 2011 with new content already added throughout 2012 and again in 2015 and this year. Feedback is welcomed.

Tim is now working on a new book for McFarland, British Chess Literature to 1914: a handbook for historians. This is due to be delivered to the publisher next year. It will incorporate a great deal of Tim's discoveries and thoughts concerning chess columns, chess magazines and books and about chess history research in general.

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Among what you can find here are:

a) Blackburne project: corrected reprint has been published.

b) Reference information about chess columns and chess periodicals, especially relating to Tim's special field of 19th century British and Irish chess history. Several pages of well-researched information on chess magazines and columns are included. See the Bibliography link above.

c) Critical notes on chess-historical books, beginning with a revised appraisal of the Di Felice book on Chess Periodicals.

d) Downloadable game files, beginning with a file of games by Irish amateur W. H. S. Monck, mostly by post but also including his games with Steinitz and Zukertort.