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Index to our history articles

Because of the preparations to reorganise this website, many of the articles formerly on this website are being removed but the best of them will come back later, or be rewritten for a future book of essays on chess history.

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This page links to historical and biographical articles on this site. Here is where you can find our main historical articles:

NEW: Vizayanagram tournament, London 1883 (2 parts)

NEW: MacDonnell-Wisker matches, 1873 and 1874

Steinitz in Dublin, 1865.

The first Irish correspondence chess tournament: at last, the full story!

Further early British inter-club matches found in digitised newspapers.

Notes towards an Irish chess bibliography.

George Frith Barry, Irish chess-player & cricketer.

Zukertort in Dublin, 1879.

History of the Dublin University Chess Club

Steinitz in Dublin, 1881

Review of Chess Periodicals by Gino de Felice.

Early European correspondence chess

It should also be noted that several of Tim's articles in the Kibitzer series have an historical flavour.