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Conor Murphy is the new Irish Champion

Congratulations to the new Irish Champion, FM Conor Murphy, who won a tense last-round game to finish well clear of the field with 7.5 points from 9 games, winning five games in succession at the end. In crucial games in rounds 7 and 8 he defeated trhe fedening champion, IM Alex Astaneh Lopez, and former champion IM Sam Collins for a well deserved victory.

Conor thus earned a guaranteed place on ireland's 2020 Olympiad team and will have increased his rating but anearly loss meant he did not meet sufficient titled opponents for an IM norm.

The annual Glorney Gilbert junior team tournaments were held at a hotel on the Irish border near Dundalk in late July, with six countries competing. In a round-robin tournament played alongside, Irish teenager Trisha Kanyamarala scored 5/9 for her second norm towards the Women's International Master title. The event was won by young Icelander Vignir Vatnar Stefansson, who scored 7/9 and earned an IM norm.

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History of Dublin University Chess Club
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In 2014 the club won Ireland's top chess league (and the world's third oldest), the Armstrong Cup, for the sixth time!

Irish cricket captain and chess player
George Frith Barry, a star of Victorian sport

Further Irish chess links and information may be added later.

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