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UltraCorr 2023 is here

The 2023 edition of our UltraCorr correspondence chess database, with close to two and a half million games, has just been released. More than forty of our regular customers have already purchased it in the first five days.

Please download the database from this website and pay securely via PayPal.

Since correspondence players with ICCF and some other servers allow use of computer engines, top-level CC games of recent years often feature important opening innovations yet to be seen in OTB master play, and near-perfect middle-game tactics. UltraCorr2023 is the most complete collection of top CC play now available, and if you play CC yourself it is the best place to search for past games by your next opponents.

UltraCorr2023 is a ChessBase-format database which has been created using ChessBase16 to guarantee backwards compatibility for people using earlier versions (back as far as CB10 at least and probably to CB8) and other programs such as Fritz which use the same file format.

Moreover we have checked that the database opens and functions in the recently released ChessBase 17 program.

Our UltraCorr series is the only CC database edited by an acknowledged expert in chess history and correspondence chess. ICCF Senior International Master Tim Harding has already done many hours work on the 2023 edition but we always wait for various CC servers to release their annual archives before finalising the content.

ICCF and the Lechenicher Schachserver were late in releasing their games from the end of 2022 but they came just in time for us to complete our work on schedule.

The UltraCorr2023 database has over 2,452,000 games, about 100,000 more than last time, which are mostly games completed in 2022 but also include the fruits of more historical research. As usual, a considerable amount of work has been done to improve the player and event metadata and make it consistent for players who are active on more than one of the main CC platforms.

We are aware that ChessBase has released its 2022 correspondence CD at a shockingly high price for a smaller number of games than our collection. For three years we kept the price of UltraCorr at just 55 Euros but inflation means we must increase it this year to 60 Euro. However, as usual we offer it at half price to last year's customers for the first few weeks and we are emailing them tonight.

Further information about UltraCorr2023 is available on this page.