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UltraCorr2023: how to buy

UltraCorr2023 is priced at 60 Euro, which is much cheaper than ChessBase's (smaller) correspondence database.

Here is how to buy UltraCorr-2023 securely using PayPal.

UltraCorr2023 is only available as a single downloadable ChessBase file which you can get from the page linked here.

When you download, you will obtain a large encrypted archive file (CBZ format) which you should not try to open with archive software. It can only be opened within ChessBase, using a password which will be emailed to you after we receive PayPal's payment notification.

If you do not own the full ChessBase program, you can still use the database with the Fritz program interface. In that case, you will first need to unlock the downloaded archive file, which you can do using a free Chessbase-reader utility.

There are two options for payment:

1. Use this Pay-Pal-Me link to send your payment directly via PayPal (but please also send us an email).

This is a completely secure system run by PayPal; everything is done on their server and ensures you their usual buyer protections. We do not collect personal or financial information other than the email address supplied to us by PayPal.

Make sure you send us the correct amount: 60 Euro if you did not buy in 2022, or the discount price we quoted you in the email if you received it.

2. Alternatively, email an expression of your interest.
We normally reply within 24 hours to any queries and send a request for payment.

Warning: If your PayPal account is not in credit, it must be linked to your credit card to ensure the payment goes through promptly. Your PayPal account should of course also be linked to your bank account. If it is only linked to a bank account, we do not get quick confirmation and there will be several days' delay before you receive the password.

If you do not have a PayPal account, it is easy to open one and link it to your credit card. Once that is done, you can make purchases even if there is no money on your PayPal account. PayPal will handle the interaction with the credit card company automatically.

(We are not providing a link to PayPal because there are different home pages depending on where you live, and PayPal is easy to find online.)

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