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UC 2022 - only 55 Euro!

We are now pleased to announce the launch of our 2022 edition of the largest and best correspondence chess game database, UltraCorr.

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We are aware that ChessBase has released its 2022 correspondence CD at a shockingly high price for a smaller number of games than our collection. UltraCorr2020 and UltraCorr2021 were priced at just 55 Euros and we have not increased our price.

The 2022 edition not only has at least 100,000 new games played in 2021 but also a significant number of historic CC games from the 19th and early 20th centuries which we finally had time to digitise from printed sources during the Covid lockdowns.

For the first time, UltraCorr includes all the historic matches between clubs that were collected by the late Professor Carlo Pagni as well as games from Deutsche Schachzeitung, Shakhmatny Byulleten and other sources that had to be carefully worked through seeking correspondence games.

The 2022 edition of UltraCorr has also benefited from our purchase of a faster new computer wich, together with ChessBase16, has enabled faster and more thorough double kill operations. Also much time was spent during the lockdowns in improving the editing of tournament and player metadata.

There will of course remain many duplicates because we have noticed a trend for players who meet several times in recent competitions to just repeat previous drawn games between them, with little or no variation.

Also there is a small group of easily identifiable players who are known to cheat by playing "mirror games" which are contrary to the ICCF code of conduct. These show up in the database as pairs of identical games where the same player is White in one and Black in the other. We are unsure what satisfaction the exponents of this practice derive from it as they can only score 50 per cent overall in these games.

A confidential report on the matter is now being considered by ICCF officials.