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UltraCorr: "the best correspondence chess database in the world"

The 2022 edition of our UltraCorr correspondence chess database is available for download and purchase exclusively at The bargain price of 55 Euro has not changed for several years.

One satisfied customer, Australian GM Max Illingworth (of the Illingworth Chess Academy), called our 2021 edition "... the best correspondence chess database in the world." He was one of the first to buy the new 2022 edition.

John Elburg's review is now available online.

Please also read our advance announcement which includes more details about the database.

UltraCorr2022, the latest in a long series dating back twenty years, is an expertly edited database containing over 2,350,000 games played between the years 1800 and 2021, thousands of them annotated, collected from a wide variety of sources and edited by Dr Tim Harding, himself an ICCF senior international master and the acknowledged expert in correspondence chess history.

Note that UltraCorr 2022 is only available as a ChessBase format database and it will not be sold as a physical product. There is just one large file to download and as soon as you have paid and received the password you can start to use the database.

UltraCorr2020 was the first correspondence chess collection to include over two million games! Last year we reached two and a quarter million games and this year's edition is even larger because the Covid-19 pandemic, which until recently drastically cut back over-the-board competition, continued the great resurgence in CC.

Top correspondence players have introduced many important opening innovations, most of them yet to be seen in over-the-board master play, analysed in depth with powerful chess engines like Stockfish and Fritz.

The resurgence of the LSS server means that we have been able to include many older games played there which were previously unavailable, as well as all the new games played there and on ICCF and FICGS. Many strong players are active on two of these servers or even all three.

Our database integrates the three fairly well but players' names often differ slightly between one and the other. Much of our work is trying to sort this out so if you are paired with player X you will find all his games.

We suspect that top OTB players and book authors (looking for new opening ideas tested on engines) see ICCF games but may overlook games played on the other servers which they don't know about. There was a radical relaunch of the LSS server early in 2021 and it is definitely the best place now to play free CC.

Lockdown time during the pasttwo years gave us the opportunity to do a lot of work on historical games, improving the metadata quality and adding many more games from the 20th and even the 19th centuries.

We have now included all the matches between clubs which were researched and published by the late Professor Carlo Pagni - but in many cases with amendments and corrections found during our own researches.

Although the database mostly consists of games played by post, email and webserver, there are some which employed less usual methods of transmission between remote opponents and which in some cases more resembled over-the-board games. Importantly, UltraCorr2022 includes all the games from the series of England-USA cable matches between 1896 and 1911 because we have found many errors in ChessBase's coverage of these historically significant contests.

NOTE: If you do not own the full ChessBase program, you can still use the database with the Fritz program interface. In that case, you will first need to unlock the downloaded archive file, which you can do it with the free Chessbase-reader utility.