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Download UltraCorr-2020

WARNING: We strongly recommend that you use either Google Chrome or the Firefox browser to download our database because Microsoft Edge tries to change the filename.

You only have to download one file, an encrypted ChessBase archive (CBZ file) of about 223 MB in size.

(This is version 2 with about 40,000 extra games and improved editing compared with last weekend's original version. More background information about the new version will be added soon.)

This is like an ordinary CBV archive except that it is password protected. It will not open without the password which will be emailed to you after we receive PayPal's notification of your payment.

The password will normally be sent to you within an hour or two, unless we are asleep or out of the house, in which case there could be a delay of few hours.

You can either pay first or download first and pay afterwards. The downloaded file can be copied to where you need it but cannot be opened until you pay and receive the unlock code from us.

The CBZ file contains all the separate files of the database and within a couple of minutes of entering the password you will have a functioning UltraCorr-2020 database.

In Windows, right-click on the link below and select the destination folder for the database on your computer hard drive. It is probably best to create a new folder for it.

Download UltraCorr2020 now!

Once you have downloaded the CBZ file, you should save it to a new folder in the area of your hard drive where you keep your ChessBase databases. Large databases like this can easily get corrupted and you should make regular bavckups if you add your own games or edit the database.

When you first do a search, ChessBase will probably ask to create a search booster file and other subsidiary files may be created too. The expanded size of all the files constituting the database will probably then be about 600 MB. We also recommend keeping a copy of the database on a backup resource, such as a USB, in case you have any problems later.

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