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J. H. Blackburne
J. H. Blackburne
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Irish news (updated 20 May)

Frankenstein v Dracula

7-man endgames

Steinitz book: a major review

Tim's biography Steinitz in London has been reviewed in great detail in the latest Quarterly for Chess History and receives high praise there. Previous notices hailed the book as "a fantastic read" and "a milestone in the literature of chess history." See our articles about corrections to Steinitz games and recent research discoveries.

Senior calendar updated

Latest seniors news. More Senior tournaments have been announced and are listed on our calendar page. We want to play while we can.

UltraCorr 2022 is a bargain!

The 2022 edition of our giant CC database is available for just 55 Euro. UC2022 has over 2,350,000 games. Why pay over 100 Euro more for ChessBase's rival product?