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Uzbekistan and Ukraine win Chess Olympiad

J. H. Blackburne
J. H. Blackburne
Photo with his wife

Irish news (updated on 9th August)

Frankenstein v Dracula

7-man endgames

Call on FIDE to take the 2023 World Seniors from Russia

Seniors news: Sochi has been named as the venue for the 2023 FIDE World Senior Championships. We call on all 50+ players to demand a new venue and boycott Russia. Upcoming Senior tournaments are listed on our calendar page.

Steinitz book: highly praised

Tim's biography Steinitz in London received high praise from reviewers. See our articles about Steinitz games and recent research discoveries.

UltraCorr: wait for 2023 edition

The 2022 edition of our giant correspondence chess game database is now withdrawn. We hope to release a new edition in January.

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